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April 3, 2018

Share your favorite locations, fun experiences and exciting activities!


WorknPlay strives to provide the most detailed, entertaining and helpful information to foreign guests about Korean culture, travel, and events. We greatly encourage everyone to become a contributor to the site by adding your own favorite hangouts, fun activities, and unique experiences. The main goal of our platform is to connect passionate, like-minded individuals and create a community of people willing to explore Korea, share their knowledge and embark on amazing adventures.

By becoming a WnP contributor, you can help build our location database, share your passion with other travelers, and earn some hidden bonuses (as a token of appreciation from the WnP team).

  • Build community. WnP team works constantly to create a convenient, user-friendly platform where users can not only get useful information but also feel welcome and taken care of. By participating in the process, you contribute to building a strong and self-sufficient community we all aspire to.
  • Help out fellow travelers. Korea is a kaleidoscope of constantly changing locations which are hard to keep track of. By adding new spots, you help WnP provide relevant, up-to-date information to other expats, travelers, and guests. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated by everyone.
  • Promote the beauty of Korea / your city/ your neighborhood. Unfortunately, many off-beat locations do not get nearly as much recognition as they deserve. If you love your neighborhood or your city – you can help promote it! Add new stories, locations and activities – show that there is life beyond Hongdae/Gangnam/Itaewon or Seoul/Busan/Daegu!
  • Find new friends. All your contributions will be stored in your profile. Find new friends, make new community relations and explore Korea in real life (but do not forget to come back to WnP and share your experience).
  • Get access to special WnP events. All contributions are free and voluntary, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be appreciated. Our top contributors will get priority access to interesting special events, promotional trips or good old food gatherings. We fully encourage meeting outside of the Internet and taking our community to the next level!

To add a new location / become a contributor, create a personal account and get access to the blogs, destinations and tour creation editor! Fill in a simple contribution form and enjoy the perks.

  • The basic requirements include the name, location, contact information and an overview, but do not feel restricted – if you have time and desire, you are free to add more photos, interviews or even write a story about your personal experience in the place.

WorknPlay aspires to connect local businesses with appreciative customers and create a self-sustainable, strong international community based on trust, mutual help, and respect. We encourage contributors from all sides to join the platform, explore Korea and create new links between like-minded people. Join now and receive a special bonus from WnP team!

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