Customized Tours

For your next adventure, try something unique with WorknPlay!

Customized tours by WorknPlay:

A customized tour is a unique travel plan designed and organized based solely on your needs and interests.

Trips around Korea can be fun, relaxing, educational and unforgettable when the itinerary is well-designed, with additional attention to the unique needs of each customer. Time is the most precious of all resources, and WnP sets it as our goal to ensure that your time in Korea is exceptionally well-spent.

What makes trips truly memorable? Is it the places you visit, or the people you visit them with? Customized tour is a great way to combine both. We pay special attention to make sure that the tour is well-balanced and answers all of your requirements. Create lifelong memories and spend quality time together with your loved ones!.

Our services include:

  • Creating an itinerary based on your requirements
  • Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Tour guides
  • Workshops and activities
  • Authentic Korean cuisine
  • Immersive traveling

For example:

In 2015 8 days Hotel & Bike tour on demand in France, along the Loire for 35 participants with 3 tour guides.
In 2015 8 days Hotel & Bike tour for 5 friends from Bruges to Amsterdam with guide and support vehicle.

In 2016 11 days Hotel & Bike tour for 8 friends Island-hopping in Greece on Rhodes, Patmos, Kos & Leros
In 2016 8 days Hotel & Bike on demand in Germany. Austria and Switzerland, Around Lake Contstance for 35 participants with 3 tour guides.

In 2017 9-days Hotel & Bike tour on demand from Valencia (Spain) to Biarritz (France) on road bikes with more 100 km per day.
In 2017 5-days Hotel & Bike tour on demand for 12 friends with a cycling guide from Amsterdam to Volendam

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More information about a customized tour?

Please send us your ideas or demands and we send you a detailed offer (only for 8 or more people)

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