Lively Sea Port in Boryeong

Daecheon Port


Daecheon Port is a busy place filled with small fishing boats, and ferries that connect Daecheon with the nearby islands. The main place of interest and the local food Mecca is the Daecheon Fish Market, where you can find live crab, shrimp, a variety of clams and fish, all prepared instantly to your heart’s desire. The signature product of the port is squid, and strings of dried squid can be seen everyone flapping in the wind. 

Daecheon harbor is located 12km from downtown Boryeong and 1km from Daecheon Beach and is the heart of maritime traffic and fishing on the west coast. The port boasts clean sea water rich in blue crab and squid  - the main food specialties of Boryeong. Squid is famous its chewy texture and delicious taste, while Daecheon crab grows bigger and meatier than in other areas. Fresh fish and seafood are one of the main tourist attractions and reasons to visit Boryeong (apart from the global Mud Festival). 

At Daecheon Port, you can also enjoy boat coastal and fishing tours to the nearby islands.

Things to do

Daecheon port is the center of maritime life and production in Boryeong. It offers a unique view on the traditional fishing business with small boats, a cozy marina, and a sprawling fresh fish market.

Daecheon Fish Market

Located right in front of the Daecheon Harbor, Daecheon Fish Market is one of the main reasons for visiting Boryeong. Filled with fresh fish and seafood, the market is especially famous for its blue crab and squid. Most shops open in the morning, after filling the tanks with freshly-caught fish and close around 19:00 - 21:00. You can choose what you want to eat and the owners will cook it for you immediately. Prices vary depending on the season and the quality, Blue crab prices start at 45,000 won per kilo and squid will be around 10,000 won per 1 squid.



Daecheon Boat Cruise

The coast tour boat starts from Daecheon Port and takes visitors along Boryeong shoreline. The course lasts 1hr 30min and includes the biggest in Korea Boryeong steam power plant, Penguin Couple Rock, Phallus Rocks and Woldo Island, Three Brothers Rock and over 10 others.

Fee: Adult 15.000 won, Teenager 8.000 won.

Schedule: 11.00, 13.30 and 15.30 (may vary depending on the season, weather conditions and amount of people). The ticket office is across the street from the Daecheon Boat Terminal.     


Daecheon Port offers a variety of fresh fish and seafood from local waters (look out for the 서해 / 자연상 signs), form other provinces (남해 / 동해) and imported goods (mostly from China and Russia). Boryeong specialties are blue crab (꽃게)and squid (배오징어), which you can choose in one of the many fish stalls in Daecheon Fish Market. The first floor hosts seafood sellers, while the second floor and surrounding streets offer cooking services for the products you bought.

  • Gaebawi Susan (갯바위수산): Location 충남 보령시 대천항로 374-2(신흑동) / Phone 010-2754-3362 / Delivery Available

  • Gwigeori Susan (귀걸이수산): Location 충남 보령시 대천항로 391 / Phone 010-7647-4411 / Delivery Available

  • Daeyang Susan (대양수산): Location 충남 보령시 대천항 2길 39-4 / Phone 010-9324-0600 / Delivery Available

  • Dong-ah Susan (동아수산): Location 충남 보령시 대천항로 389(신흑동) / Phone 010-2716-3687 / Specialized in Live Fish

  • MoonGyeong Susan (문경수산건어물): Location 충남 보령시 대천항 2길 87(신흑동) / Phone 010-8800-1940 / Specialized in Hwe 

  • Park Jeong Hee Susan (박정희수산): Location 충남 보령시 대천항로(신흑동 950번지) / Phone 010-6415-5788 / Specialized in Blue Crab and Shrimp

  • Yejin Susan (예진수산): Location 충남 보령시 대천항로(신흑동 950) / Phone 010-8801-8696 / Specialized in Live Fish

  • Galmaegi Susan (갈매기수산): Location 충남 보령시 신흑동 2240-6번지(대천항 수산시장 13호) / Phone 010-2410-1087 / Specialized in Blue Crab and Shrimp

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Opening Hours09:00 - 21:00 / depends on the shop
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