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[FT] Corporate Trainer - Intensive Business Communication Skills Program


[FT] Corporate Trainer - Intensive Business Communication Skills Program   [Job Description] Teach Business skills & speaking proficiency enhancement modules using standardized materials & curriculum Utilize a variety of the training methodologies, techniques, concepts, learning tools, and practices to ensure maximum effectiveness of training program Manage trainees’ learning and regularly track and report progress through LMS Provide targeted academic coaching/counseling services for trainees Continuously endeavor to improve the learning methods, environment, and overall learning experience   [Basic Qualifications] At least 1 year of Business English teaching or ESL teaching experiences are must Demonstrated ability to assess trainees’ weaknesses and provide feedback and educational road-mapping Demonstrated ability to lead, coach, and guide trainees of all types of backgrounds, positions, titles Excellent written and verbal English communication skills MS Office proficient (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) BA/MA in TESOL, Education, English, Linguistics, Journalism, Business is preferred   [Working Schedule/Salary] A. [Full-Time] 1 Year Contract Monday to Friday 8AM ~ 8PM (lunch, dinner, and snack break will be provided) Based in Seoul with business trips all area in Korea (location changes month to month) Instructors are required to stay at the province from Monday to Friday The company offers Housing, 3 Meals a day + Business Trip Fees Monday to Friday 110 hours of guaranteed teaching per month Start Date: Mid-May / Mid-June2018 Training Start Date: May / June 2018    [Salary] 3,950,000 KRW (based on 160 teaching hours including extra housing stipend of 400,000 KRW) + Business trip fee (per month) Extra housing stipend will be provided to E2 and F visa only Subject to change depends on lecture hours/office work hours   [Mandatory Writing Samples Submission Guidelines] The samples you submit should be representative of your best work. All writing submissions must adhere to the following rules: The date or year in which the piece was written Submissions may be provided in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, PDF, or JPEG images. If the work is collaborative, specify the area of the content to which you contributed.   Sample #1: One expository writing sample at least 300 words in length Original and self-expressive writing that showcases your ability to convey information in an organized, logical manner. We will be looking at content, style, and mechanics. We accept essays, research papers, journals, diaries, storytelling, journalism, blogging, and free writing samples.   Sample #2: One lesson plan sample A business English speaking-focused lesson plan. The topic, content, length, and format of the lesson are up to you.         Speaking Proficiency Enhancement Program (SPEP)   SPEP is one of the fastest growing and promising educational institutions specializing in English speaking enhancement. SPEP is looking for professional corporate trainers in all areas who wish to expand career into business English education. Please submit your recent resume, photo, SPEP application form and writing samples (mandatory for Corporate Trainer applicants) to hrteam@spep.co.kr.   [Minimum Requirements for any of our positions]  All potential candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelor degree from an accredited four-year university located in a country in which the native language is English (US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa). Must have Original Diploma *Notarized with an Apostille Must have Nationwide Criminal Background Check *Notarized with an Apostille   [Full-time Employee Benefits] Health Insurance Korean Pension plan (dependent on nationality/visa type based on Korean law) Severance Paid vacation days and national holidays SPEP’s professional teacher training Housing allowance support for E2 and F visa holders Airfare support for E2 and F visa holders


**YBM NET(Pangyo Stn,Gongduk Stn,Sejusi,Chuncheon,Jeonju,Yeoido Stn,Kimpo,Hwaseong,etc)**


1.Kimpo, Gyeonggido (김포) Mon~Fri 1:30pm~7pm (Elem Eng-F6,F4) Start:Aug,2018~   2.Posco, Sejungsi, (세종특별자치시) 2 x or 3 x or 5 x (1:1 Biz Eng-F6,F4) Start:ASAP~ *transportation fee provided*     3.Costco, Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Stn,Seoul (line 2 & 5)(영등포구청역) Mon,Tue 4pm~5:30pm (Conv Eng-F4,Kor) Start:May 7,2018~     4.Gongduk Stn,Seoul (line 2)(공덕역) Tue.Thu 11:30am~12:30pm (Conv Eng-F6,F4) Start:May 24,2018~     5.Chuncheon (춘천) Mon,Wed 6pm~6:30pm or Tue.Thu 8:30am~9am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6) Start:April 30,2018~June 30,2018     6.Pangyo Stn,Gyeonggido (판교역) April 21,2018 / 5pm~7pm (Telephone Level Testing-F6,F4)     7.Jeonju (전주) Tue.Thu 7:55am~8:25am or Tue.Thu 7:20am~7:50am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6) Start:April 30,2018~June 30,2018     8.Yeoido Stn,Seoul (line 5)(여의도역) Tue.Thu 7:50am~8:20am & 8:25am~8:55am (1:1 Biz Eng-F6) Start:April 30,2018~     9.Pangyo Stn,Gyeonggido (판교역) Tue.Thu 11:30am~12:30pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F4) Start:ASAP~     10.Yongin,Gujin Stn,Gyeonggido (용인)(고진역) April or May,2018 / Friday,Saturday,Sunday / 10am~6pm (Elem Eng-F6) *lunch provided*     11.Woo Sung College (우송정보대학교/대전) April 20 & May 14, 21,28, June 4, 18, 25,2018/ 3pm~6pm (TOEIC-F6,F4,Kor)     12.Jonggak Stn,Seoul (line 1)(종각역) or Gwanghamoon Stn,Seoul (line 5)(광화문역) Mon,Thu 9am~10am  (1:1 Biz Eng-F4,Kor) Start:ASAP~     13.Apgujeong Stn,Seoul (line 3)(압구정역) May 14,2018 / 2pm~4pm (Level Testing-F6)     14.Gangnam Stn,Seoul (line 2)(강남역) Mon,Thu 5pm~6pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F4) Start:ASAP~     15.Pangyo Stn,Gyeonggido (판교역) Mon 6pm~8pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6) Start:May,2018~     16.Nowon Stn,Seoul (line 7 & line 4) Mon~Fri x 3hrs (TOEIC-Kor) Start:Sept,2018~October,2018     17.Euljiroipgu Stn,Seoul (line 2)(을지로입구역) Wed 5pm~6pm (1:1 Biz Eng-F6) Start:ASAP~       18.Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Stn,Seoul (Bundang line)(양재시민의숲역) A.Mon,Wed 8am~9am (Conv Eng-F6) B.Tue.Thu 8am~9am (Conv Eng-F6) StartASAP~     19.Gyeongsangbukdo, Yeongchun (경상북도/영천) June 15,2018~June 17,2018 / 10am~6pm (Elem Eng-F6) *accommodation, lunch and transportation fee provided*     20.Kimpo,Gyeonggido (김포) A.2 x 7pm~9pm or 8pm~10pm (Conv Eng-F6) B.Mon.Wed.Fri 7pm~10pm & Tue.Thu  8pm~10pm (Conv Eng-Kor) Start:June,2018~ *transportation fee provided*     21.Hwaseong,Gyeonggido (화성) A.Mon~Fri 4pm~8pm (Conv Eng-F6) B.Mon~Fri 2pm~8pm (Conv Eng-Kor) Start:June,2018~ *transportation fee provided*   22.Daegu,대구 Mon~Fri 2pm~7pm or 3pm~8pm or 4pm~9pm or 5pm~10pm (Elem Eng-F6,Kor) Start:June,2018~Dec 31,2018   If qualified & interested in any of these positions, please email Stacey at sostacey@ybmsisa.com with the following: 1. Recent Resume (.doc, .pdf,) 2. Recent Photo (.jpg) 3. VISA Status in Korea & Citizenship 4. Current Location w/area of preference 5. Phone Number w/best time to contact 6. Indicate interested position in subject line (ex. Place/Days) 7. All potential candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelor degree from an accredited four-year university      

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